photoshop tutorial:
Add some extra light to your photo

In this easy tutorial you'll learn how to add some extra light to you images. Ideal to make images with dull light come alive.

Move over the image to see the before and after

Add some extra light to your photo

Open the photo in wich you want to add some extra light.
Duplicate the background layer by pressing Crtl-J (mac: Cmd-J).
Go to Filter > Render > Lighting effects.
Set the Light Type to Omni.
Move -in the preview- the light to the girls face and make the circle a little bigger.
Add some extra light - Lighting effects
The result is a very bright light spot on the photo.
Add some extra light -  after lighting effects
Change the blending mode to Soft Light and you'll get this as a result. Add some extra light -  Soft Light


You might have noticed that the dark area's in the photo have become even darker. Sometimes that is a good thing, sometimes not.
If you want to solve this dubbelclick on the layer thumbnail of the top layer to open the layer style window.
At the bottom of the window you'll see 'This Layer'. Move the blackpoint more to the right.
Add some extra light -  Change blackpoint
As er result of this the darker tones of this layer will be hidden. But you might get ugly stains. To solve this problem. Move the blackpoint more to the right but now hold down the Alt-key while moving. The pointer for black is now split in two. This means the tones between the two blackpoints are now becoming gradual hidden. because of this you will not have those stains anymore.
Add some extra light - Alt-move blackpoint
Add some extra light

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